Location and Property Data of QTS Realty Trust Inc (QTS) datacenters for Q4 2014


Location and Property Data of QTS Realty Trust Inc (QTS) datacenters for Q4 2014

Digital files include location and property data of QTS Realty Corp operating, development and redevelopment datacenters for Q4 2014. The data are comprised of two files, a comma separated file (CSV) and a GoogleEarth Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file. Both digital files, include the name, geographic coordinates, full address, Net Rentable Square Feet (NRSF), year acquired, available utility power(MW) and initial costs to the company associated with each datacenter.

QTS Realty Trust, Inc., is a owner, developer and operator of carrier-neutral, multi-tenant data centers. The Company’s data centers are facilities that house the network and computer equipment of multiple customers and provide access to a range of communications carriers. The Company has a fully integrated platform through which it owns and operates its data centers and provides a range of information technology (IT) infrastructure solutions. The Company refer to its spectrum of core data center products as its 3Cs which consists of Custom Data Center, Colocation and Cloud and Managed Services

Date of Information Oct - Dec 2014
Tabular format (.csv) for ubiquitious use
GeoSpatial formats (GeoJson, kml and shp) to support locational analysis
Digital files emailed upon purchase

Property Map of QTS Realty Trust Inc (QTS) Q4 2014

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