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REIT Data Market collects locational data associated with global publicly traded REITs from multiple sources.

REIT locational data is fused with diverse data sources so each property is enriched with relevant geographic and financial attributes.

We leverage our data fusion methodologies to produce REIT data products that are available for immediate download. All you need to do is register for an account!

REIT data products are produced in multiple digital formats for use in Google Earth, GIS software and tabular form so you can pursue every possible analytic.

Who we are

Our philosophy is that at the end of the day real estate follows the golden rule, "location, location, location". This enduring view of the industry is our founding principle and forms the "logos" of the business. From here, we realize leveraging GIS technologies is the truest expression of this philosophy as applied to Real Estate and REIT analytics.

While others seek to calculate value by collecting and aggregating information to generate estimates for lines on a balance sheet, we believe location determines the true value and income potential of a property. Similarly, other companies seek to assess the quality of a REIT’s management by creating metrics to measure thriftiness, decisiveness and aptitude; we operate under the concept that what distinguishes the sagacious managers from the lucky and doomed is the inherent quality underpinning the locations of properties currently under management.

What we offer

We offer Data for Advantage. REIT Data Market does the hard and tedious work of collecting, normalizing, geocoding and fusing information across multiple sources to build the critical foundational data needed to support REIT investment decisions and REIT analysis. Our REIT data covers many REIT types to include Multi-Family, Data Centers and Industrial REITs and are available for an affordable price and structured for use across multiple platforms like Google Earth and/or other GIS technologies. Click below to download a sample, or contact us at to learn more.

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Equity Residential (EQR) and Essex Property Trust (ESS): A Competition for West Coast Dominance?


  • Equity Residential's (EQR) evolution to a more urban, bi-coastal REIT increases competition with pure west coast play, Essex Property Trust (ESS)

  • Equity Residential (EQR) west coast properties are located in locations near tenet desired features like Starbucks (SBUX), Whole Foods Market (WFM) and public transportation

  • However, over the last year Essex Property Trust ...

How Equity Residential (EQR) is Improving Portfolio Demography and Geography with Sale of 72 Properties to Starwood Capital


  • EQR disposed of multifamily communities located in zip codes with less desirable demographics on average when compared to the rest of its portfolio.
  • EQR is becoming a more localized REIT while maintaining bi-coastal geographic diversification.
  • Overall, the Starwood disposition deepens the coastal and urban footprint of EQR’s portfolio going forward.
  • EQR is on track ...

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